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Deco Rating

Odeon style meets Egyptian Revival
Stick on some cool jazz, pour yourself a martini and settle back for a look at the age of opulence.
When faced with the term Art Deco most people will have myriad differing ideas. The idiosyncratic Odeon Style, symmetry, geometry and clean lines, the Egyptian revival – gods and monsters (yet again the adherence to geometry) or perhaps it’s green onyx, floral asymmetry, sweeping curves and semi-naked bronze statues?
Art Deco is not however, a singular style. Art Deco (Les Arts Decoratif) defines a movement which crossed continents, politics and decades; a movement which relaxed tradition, freeing designers and artisans. It was a movement which created bespoke and beautiful decor, architecture; and of course fashion. In short, Art Deco created the ultimate opulent lifestyle.
Late Flapper beads in Czech glass
Fashion and jewellery mimicked grander designs and blended them to create an instantly recognisable yet disparate styles. We at TouchstoneVintage have a particular love of all things Deco from the boom time flapper style to the later geometric and Egyptian styles; there is a romanticism which accompanies pieces like this silver and Jade ring and an organic oneness with nature with this floral brooch
Naturally being such a gluttonous, indulgent period there was always room for a certain amount of sparkle and glamour. The golden age of Hollywood inspired not only the Odeon style but the desire to imitate stars of the silver screen. While real gems were often unattainable, diamante and marcasite, as shown in this dress clip, made glitz affordable to many.
In many ways the styles and fashions of the Art Deco movement reflect not only changing society and economics but also the realisation of a lifestyle dream usually only afforded to the higher echelons of society. But like all dreams, depression, war and post-conflict austerity brought this wonderful movement to a graceful close.
It wasn’t all costume
Although traces remained, and still remain, in design the true age of Deco became a novelty, a treasure and now: almost an antique. This is a very simplified view of what is a complicated period of history but Art Deco leaves a legacy which remains pertinent to this day. That beauty and progression can triumph over austerity; that a melting pot of ideas breeds new thinking, new design and a new culture which can cross any boundary – including time.
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