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A Touch of Glass…or Venini Vidi Vici

It seems (in the UK anyway) that recent interior design trends for “clean lines, white walls and open space” have rather dented the fashion for collectable glass. It is with a heavy heart that Touchstone Vintage placed some of our most beautiful items in storage until once again the doors of fashion are open to ornamentation.
Characteristic striped design vase
There are, however, some names which buck these trends and will always have a place in the living rooms of collectors. Perhaps the pinnacle of collectable glass lies in 1920s Italy and Murano glass. Taking inspiration from the opulence of the Art Deco movement, Murano became a powerhouse of intricate design and abstract art.
Although traditional Murano seemed weary, the vision of one man – Paolo Venini – brought new life into the industry and paved the way for “designer glass”.
The genius of Venini, a lawyer by trade, was to incorporate designers (known to this day as Authors) into the process; and, using experienced blowers and technical direction from an earlier Murano incarnation carved, or blew, a new path for glassware design.
A jar probably designed by Bianconi
As befits Venini’s legendary status, the path was beset with obstacles – disagreements, betrayal and fierce competition but by 1926 Venini and co by trumpeting modern design and techniques became the undisputed leaders of the field. Much of the design is instantly recognisable, rich colours, bold patterns, the introduction of latticino (using rods of colour) and replacing traditional plain patterns with extravagant and Avant Garde designs.
Venini himself was considered a fine “Author” but it is in collaboration with designers such as Carlo and Tobia Scarpa and later Fulvio Bianconi that the company found its metier. By the 1930s Venini was attracting designers from around the world and expanding its modernist style to ever more graceful heights.
A typical Latticino dish
Following the death of Venini in 1959, the company continued producing high quality glass using, in many cases, tried and tested designs but somehow nothing quite reached the zenith achieved by the man himself. Although much modern Murano is indistinguishable from early products the signs are there in the delicacy and pontils of the early glass.

Early Venini has become highly collectable and even in a slightly depressed glassware market can still achieve high sums of money proving there is still a place, even in the most modern of interiors, for a piece of history, immaculate design and Venini.Find us and some more of our collection of glass, china, collectables and jewellery at these links

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