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Mallorca (though this may not be May)
Mallorca (though this may not be May)

Well hello folks and here’s wishing you a great start to the week ahead. We’re back…yes! We’ve dipped our toes into the ocean of high end anti-queues and the waters were warm and balmy – despite howling winds and drizzling rain. Think Mallorca in May, think mulled wine, think soup on a cold winter’s day. What a pleasure to be in lush surroundings, with knowledgeable buyers (mostly), beautiful and genuine antiques (also mostly) and the Pay-Pal card reader almost melting (On Saturday mostly).

I have to admit that both I and business partner were a tad apprehensive about our stock and our chances but this soon faded to be replaced with a glow of contentment. It was not an easy ride by any stretch of the imagination: we worked bloomin’ hard in the weeks leading up to this fair, pulling in some fourteen hour days and there was a great deal of stress and anxiety on both our parts but we feel we have proved a point or two.

Not everything needs to, or should be sold at car-boot prices. There is still a thriving market for quality, beautiful artifacts. Our stock stands better against fine art than pyrex and plastic (largely what we are up against online). Our usual fairs really have become little more than flea markets full of junk. Not that there isn’t a place for that but against that backdrop (and the same applies online) it gets harder to sell good quality pieces without being beaten down financially and emotionally. (see Video Killed the Antiques Dealer  for possible reasons why)

Also coming soon
Also coming soon

So after today, which largely involves a lot of faffing with spreadsheets, re activating our Etsy store and finding a place for our paintings etc we will be taking a day off for a leisurely pub lunch and, armed with a laptop, a year planner and rising self confidence, a peruse through our options. Watch this space for news but there will be some big things coming including an online sale in December and another relaunch for Touchstone Vintage in the new year.

Oh and its my birthday on Saturday so I shall be expecting lots of presents! Please send them C/O Touchstone Vintage. Thank you.

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