Ermani Bulatti

Ermani Bulatti earrings with the antique silver look and crystal stones (probably Swarovski)

Ermani Bulatti, despite its Italianate nomenclature was the brainchild of Dutch jeweller Herman Tiggeler who, realising the caché of Italian influence in fashion, Italianised his name (Herman – Ermani) and roughly translated his surname (Birch) via the French into something more latin. The company was founded in the late 70s, though Tigeler had been a jeweller since the 1960s, and achieved high status selling in the major fashion capitals of the world during the 80s and 90s.Herman’s son Maurice joined as a designer in the 2000s but due to the financial crisis they finally closed in 2012.

Their MO was to use traditional styles – Art Deco, Modernism, Art Nouveau – and to use a range of natural materials and semi-precious stones within their design rather than glass or ceramic imitations. It is interesting how this ethic was also used by some early 20th century designers such as Miriam Haskell; making their pieces glamorous but affordable. White metals were silver oxidised which gives them an “antique silver” look. 

Bulatti jewellery is still much sought after and reaches good prices, unsurprising given their often intricate designs and timeless style. 

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