Blogging; antique style
Ooh you lucky people. You’ve landed in blog land. This is where we get to strip off the stuffed shirt of “website copy” and let the rippled chest of imagination free. OK, so all a bit effusive but I caught your attention yes? From this page you can peruse some of our archive blogs (though some of the references are a little out of date and perhaps best not to click any links that say “Etsy” – that was a long time ago!) and catch up with the latest news. There are four main categories: Comment, Diaries, Histories and How to’s. Lets just say for the moment that the most commonly used ones will be comment and diaries. Comment is where my fevered subconscious will let rip about those things which both annoy and delight me…just if there is anything on my mind. Diaries are where you will find news and retrospectives of some of our trips around the countryside. Histories is largely information about various topics which may be of relelvance – glass-making for instance, or styles and periods. How to’s are where we offer tips and suggestions on everything from buying, to care, to repairs and directions to your local public amenity site. You can browse from the top menu or the side menu. The side menu has the added excitement of allowing you to see our showcase pages – if you haven’t already. We hope you enjoy this trip through the daily life of TSV Antiques and welcome comments – though we can be sensitive souls and would rather you were nice. Thanks
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