Antique French Spirit Decanter in Cut Glass and Silver


Turn of the century cut glass and silver spirit decanter

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We love a few things at TSV Towers – French antiques and strong liquor being among them so this antique spirit decanter is right up our street. It is a classic early 20th century design of straight sided cut glass broad shoulders and a narrow neck and bulbous stopper; both clad in silver. Being French it can be quite hard to discern dates and makers – France had a “cover-all” system of silver weight and maker’s marks (unlike the vain English) were often either badly impressed or hidden – however; in this case the mark is clear.

The silver is of a 950 grade standard indicated by the Minerva head mark and the maker was one Lucien Boulard (1866-1910). This would probably place the decanter sometime in the few years either side of the turn of the century. Unlike many contemporary examples the silver here covers the whole neck of the decanter giving a good 9 cm of silver, and again unlike many the stopper is bulbous and completely clad as well. Marks are present on both decanter and stopper. The cut on the glass is of a distinctly floral nature punctuated with a quadrangle of bowed lines and graduated vertical dots, replete with a classic star cut to the base. Good quality, heavy French glass (though probably not crystal it is hand blown not pressed) -the glass maker remains a mystery. Don’t worry that the glass looks a little dark in the photo gallery – this is due to the developing process to allow the glass to be seen. A perfect addition to the drinks trolley to fill with the tipple of your choice.


Very little to worry about here. The obvious places for damage – the silver and inside the neck are in excellent condition with no cracking, dents or splits – just some very minor flea-bites around the top of the glass inside presumably where the stopper has caught it on its way in. The stopper in in perfect condition with no damage to the glass at all. The only other thing is a slight patina of “blooming”: this is caused by a previous owner leaving trace amounts of alcohol in the decanter when empty. It is a good tip not to leave spirits in decanters for too long and to wash them frequently between uses. In this case the blooming is mild and will vanish when the decanter is filled.


  • 12 inches (30 cm) tall (including stopper)
  • 3.5 inches (9.5 cm) base diameter
  • 4 inches (10.25 cm) diameter at shoulders
  • Stopper: 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) tall

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