Antique Gold “Albertina” Bracelet


Antique rose gold bracelet

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An early example of up-cycling with this gold Albertina bracelet.

The vagaries of fashion and advancement of technology mean that sometimes, once appealing items become passé; it is therefore encouraging to find an early example of recycling. This bracelet, made of gorgeous 9 carat rose gold (a sign of a high copper content), is an example. It was originally a Victorian or Edwardian Albertina – a pocket watch chain for the well-to-do lady – which the introduction of the wrist-watch made somewhat obsolete. Rather than melt it down for scrap, it was converted into a bracelet. It comprises heavy and ornately decorated box links and faceted ball links and has a “dog-clip” clasp which we assume to be original. Its stunning rose colour makes it less garish perhaps than modern gold and therefore a very wearable piece.


This beautiful bracelet remains in excellent condition, No damage and the clasp is still well sprung


  • 17 cm (7 inches) + clasp

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