Antique Pebble Brooch in Silver and Jasper


Antique silver and Jasper pebble brooch

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One of the more “out of the ordinary” members of the pebble jewellery world with this striking brooch. Formed in a oval with a rounded scallop style edge and fanned stone settings this particular brooch veers away from the tradition of carnelian or dyed agates in that it uses multiple forms of jasper as its key stone. Jaspers are an aggregate stone based in the quartz family but, depending on location, enhanced by other mineral compounds. This gives rich variety of colour, most commonly red (due to iron deposits) but all shades of and including greens, whites, yellows, and so on.

The maker of this brooch has chosen a selected pattern made of red/pink, green and a white which appears marblesque, all fanning our from a central silver ring and further edged in silver. Silver in jewellery was often unmarked at this time as the requirements for hallmarking only specified a silver content above 7%. The front stones are held in place with a slate backing. The appearance here of a roll over safety clasp indicates that this brooch, although in the Victorian style, is not Victorian; the clasp is crude compared to later designs so we could place it within the first 20 years of the 20th century. A stunning, vibrant piece with durable style and instant wear-ability.


On first glance there may appear to be some cracking to the stones and indeed there is a hairline crack on one of the stones, however it is barely noticeable against the pattern of the stone and remains secure in place. The other stones are in excellent condition. The silver is in good condition and the clasp in good working order.


  • 2.25  x 1.75 inches (5.5 x 4.5 cm)

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