Antique Silver Christening Cup, Sheffield 1896


Henry Atkin/Atkin Bros Christening cup in sterling silver

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Some pieces of antique silver are rather ornate, complicated and maybe only appeal to certain tastes; this christening cup however has a simplicity and elegance of design which gives it a wider appeal. It is a simple tumbler design, dispensing with handles and other complications, with straight sides tapering towards the base. It is heavy (though we don’t sell by weight) with the silver being about one and a half millimetres thick. A cup with a strong, reliable construction.

Hallmarks show a Sheffield assay mark with a date of 1896 and made by the great Henry Atkin (or at the least Atkin Brothers). While the shape is simple the sides have been etched with classic acanthus panels, scrolls, swags and other floral accoutrements; as if this piece sits on the cusp of design styles between Victorian, Edwardian and Belle Epoch. The cup was given as a Christening gift to one Florence Julia on May 11th 1904 as indicated by an inscription – it is possible that the other etching was also done at this time and not by the silversmiths some 8 years earlier. This is still common practice today.

We know there are some purists out there who denigrate etched or inscribed pieces but we see them as a little window into somebody’s life. However in this case the inscription is not deep and could be polished out by a jobbing jeweller. It remains a sturdy, heavy piece of elegant silverware.


With the weight and thickness of the silver this would be a hard piece to do any substantial damage to so to all intents and purposes this cup is in fantastic condition. One or two signs of age but no intrinsic damage.


  • 3.5 inches (9 cm) tall
  • 2 inches (5 cm) base diameter
  • 2.7 inches (7 cm) aperture diameter

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