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Art Glass vase in the style of Kosta Boda

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Presenting a beautiful art glass bowl in the style of Kosta Boda.

This stylish piece of handmade glass is created in the style of the Satellite range by Bertil Vallien of Kosta Boda. It bears many similarities but sadly is not actually a piece of Kosta glass. However it is a very beautifully made homage to the great designer and executed with skill. It bears the blue colourway with flecks of other coloured glass and the silvered panels which typify the Satellite design. Though from some angles it bears the style of “End-of-day” glass popular in the Victorian era.

It has a wide and deep bowl shape – it could even be used as a bowl rather than a vase – tapered to the base. The outside surface is textured so as to feel the blending of the glass. The base is unpolished and the pontil (the point where the glass blowing rod attaches) has been left unground.

It is unsigned so the maker is unknown. Some thoughts may be an apprentice piece at the Kosta Boda works, but these would not tend to end up on the public market. Other thoughts lead to a glass maker who wished to create a tribute to Vallien either for a private collection or simply personal value. Date wise it must have been made after 1992 as this was when the original design was first produced. It remains however a beautifully made and desirable piece of 20th century glass best displayed in a sunny spot.


In excellent condition with no damage.


  • 14 cm (5.5 inches) tall
  • 18 cm (7.25 inches) aperture diameter
  • 8 cm (7.5 inch) base diameter

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