Distinctive Art Nouveau Silver Sugar Shaker 1904 Denmark


Art Nouveau design Danish silver sugar shaker by Carl M Cohr

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I say distinctive because this sugar shaker has a highly stylised design which sets it aside from many of its contemporaries. It has a gradual taper from a flat collar down to a slightly flared base. The collar supports a locking lid with a gentle rise, narrow neck and bulbous top and finial. The silver is etched with waves in several forms but truly evocative of Art Nouveau style. The lid locks by the use of two flanges which catch under the inside of the collar obviously meaning one won’t over sugar one’s cornflakes. The lid is pierced on both its neck and top with “tadpoles” and dots and the collar and top have studded dot rims.

The sugar shaker is Danish, indicated by the three tower mark of Copenhagen to the base and dates to 1904. If you say Danish silver the mind automatically jumps to Georg Jensen, however research indicates that the maker was the celebrated Carl M Cohr (1893-1937) and was assayed by the equally renowned Simon Groth (Interestingly 1904 was the last year that Groth was Master Assayer so this may have been one of the last pieces he handled. The standard in Denmark at this time was 830 grade silver unless stated otherwise. This does not indicate being anything other than the standard, though tests as good quality silver.

An exceptional piece of early 20th century design and craftsmanship


This piece is in remarkable condition with only one very small and exceptionally minor knock to the lid – I think you’d have to know it was there in order to see it. No tears or damage to any other part of the sugar shaker and the lid locking mechanism is good to go.


  • 7 inches (19 cm) tall
  • 2 inches (5 cm) base diameter
  • 3 inches (8 cm) at widest point (collar)

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