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Delightful Fedoskino lacquer box

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A fine example of Russian lacquer-work artistry

This delightful box comes from Fedoskino on the outskirts of Moscow, Fedoskino is the site of the oldest lacquer work industry in Russia and perhaps its most enduring; the original factory being instigated in the 1820s but still producing miniature works of art to this day. The story of Fedoskino lacquer work is fascinating and has been through many changes both politically and culturally, and choosing many themes for depictions on these lovely boxes.

This labour intensive process requires the artists to paint detailed miniatures and apply many layers of lacquer to achieve this stunning finish; complete with red interior and gold scroll work. Many of the images depict Fedoskino itself – though whether a romantic ideal or true depiction is perhaps open to interpretation – and this box shows a winter scene, snow covered houses and church with children playing. The image is highlighted by the addition of Mother-of-Pearl to create an emotive feeling of winter sun.

The box is signed but my Russian is limited, and the signature appears to be initials rather than a full identification. It is therefore, again, left to the imagination or a better translator to identify the box in more detail. This is not one of the early examples from Fedoskino and is probably 1980s or 90s but is an attractive and very collectable piece.


This box comes in generally lovely condition with a sound hinge, although there is a small tear to the lacquer on the underside of the box (see photos)


  • L 11 x W 9 x  H 5 cm (4.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches)

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