Georgian Silver Serving Tongs with Newcastle Hallmark


Fine Georgian bright cut sterling silver serving tongs with Newcastle Hallmark

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An elegant pair of bright cut sterling silver serving tongs to make a lovely addition to a collection of rare or “provincial” silver. These are quite large tongs for ice or sugar and originally part of a full serving set or cutlery canteen. The pattern seems either bespoke or is unidentified (though an expert may have more idea) and is decorated with a classic bright cut dot a ridge design with “symbolic” leaves etched into the outside of the bowls.

The hallmarks are for Newcastle and indicate the tongs were made by Thomas Watson between 1793 and 1845, though an exact date mark is missing. There is a monogram to the hinge end but this is worn and now looks like part of the overall design. A lovely piece to add to a collection of less well established assay offices or makers


These tongs are in fairly good condition for their age. The design is still clear and the hallmarks established (if a little poorly impressed). The tongs have, at some point, been opened too wide and an attempt made to re set them leaving a slight kink/misshape to the “hinge” end, however for their age this could be considered a very minor issue.


  • Total length: 6 inches/14.5 cm
  • Bowls: 0.75 inches/2 cm
  • Stems: 5.25 inches/12.5 cm

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