Latvian Silver Samovar Tea Glass


Beautiful early 20th century samovar tea glass in Latvian silver

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A lovely and probably quite rare piece of European silver ware from the early 20th century. I say rare because with so many samovar tea glasses, the silver remains but the glass gets lost. In this fine example however we have both the silver holder and the glass insert. It is a relatively simple design – a basic cup in silver (gilded on the inside) which holds a hand-blown glass beaker. The handle of the cup is stylised and could (if you squint) be reminiscent of a sweeping art deco design.

The outside of the silver has a chased motif – though it is uncertain whether this is the Latvian equivalent of a monogram, a national emblem, or simply part of the design. It is a cubiform, geometric design which leaves a blank cartouche in the centre. The glass is hand-blown and cut with cross-hatched swags and stars.

The silver is marked for 875 grade (a little shy of sterling) but is good quality and a reasonable weight. There is a profile lady’s head indicating Latvia and the initials LR – this I have traced to be for Richard Lange who worked out of Riga between 1902 and 1934. This lovely piece has a contemporary feel despite its age and is still very usable.


This piece reaches the buyer in near perfect condition. The internal gilding is intact and there is no damage to the glass insert. There is a very small area of flattening near the base of the silver cup but can only really be felt and not seen.

  • Silver cup: 2.5 inches/6 cm diameter (plus handle) x 2 inches/5 cm tall
  • Glass insert: 2.4 inches/5.8 cm diameter x 3.5 inches/8 cm tall
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