Pair of Antique Bohemian Vases in Oxblood Glass with Gilt Enamel Birds


Outstanding pair of Bohemian oxblood vases with enameled bird motifs

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This is a rather stunning, statement pair of vases dating to around the turn of the 19th/20th century and evoking elements of the Art Nouveau Movement. The vases are tall and narrow, tapering to a bulbous aperture of folded aspect – not quite scalloped but forming a square aperture – reminiscent of a tulip. The glass is known as Oxblood because of its distinctive ruby colouration (made similarly to cranberry glass by adding gold to the molten glass) Good heavy bases with ground out pontils. The vases have been decorated with gilt enamel depicting swallows on one and a finch-like bird perched on a reed on the other. The designs are painted on one side of each vase only giving a distinct front and back.

The enameling is superb, shaded darker and lighter adding depth to the images and was performed with skill however there is some confusion about the design…

…Initially we thought they were by Moser, and this is possible: although they are not really in the Moser style, they are contemporary and there is no reason Moser couldn’t have decorated them however further research indicates they are more likely to have been decorated by Josef Reidel. This doesn’t really affect the quality or value as both were leaders in their field.


These vases reach you in near perfect condition. No blooming or “sickness” to the glass and no chipping or flea-biting. Very, very slight wear to the gilding around the rims but the motifs are immaculate. A stunning and elegant addition to any glass collection. Please note that colour may vary slightly from the photographs due to changes in lighting.


Each vase may vary slightly as hand blown glass.

  • 9.5 inches (24 cm) tall
  • 3 inches (7.5 cm) base diameter
  • 1.9 in (4.75 cm) aperture

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