Set of Six Antique Cranberry Drinking Glasses


Edwardian set of six hand made cranberry drinking glasses

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These cranberry drinking glasses are another of our conundrums. We’ve ummed and ahhed about how to describe them…..are they wine glasses, wine tumblers, ale glasses, rummers or goblets? Ultimately, though they contain elements of all of these glass types, what we have is a gorgeous set of unusually shaped drinking vessels; and it is that unusual shape which confuses the issue. They have very stubby stems, delicate bases and great, tall bowls. On glasses with a taller stem, the bowls would appear as truncated flutes as they have near vertical sides; although too wide to be flutes they are too narrow to be hock or wine glasses and too voluminous to be spirit glasses. The bowls are made in cranberry glass with a rich pinkish hue, while the bases and stems (both applied separately with little disc-lets) are in a classic clear glass.

The glasses are blown so there are wee imperfections in the glass – not perfectly circular, or with little bubbles in – and all vary ever so slightly in size and shape. From the style of the component parts we have dated these glasses to around the Edwardian period though as a transitional period they could be earlier or later. The relative explosion in production during this period, combined with an apparent unwillingness of many glass-makers to sign means we have no idea who made them though we assume them to be British from the style.


No evident damage, cracks or blooming to the glass though some minor signs of general usage. Some bubbles and flaws which come from the manufacturing process but these are integral to the structure of the glasses. As mentioned, their hand-made nature means they are not identical in every way but are clearly a full set of six


Each glass is approx:

  • 4 inches (10 cm) tall (full height)
  • 0.7 inch (2 cm) stem
  • 2 inch (5 cm) base diameter
  • 2.25 inch (5.5 cm) aperture

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