Unusual Antique Match Striker Tyg with Silver Rim, Levi and Salaman


Sweet little match striker in the shape of a tyg with silver rim

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A wonderful novelty/collectable for the bijouterie cabinet in the form of this tyg shaped mini match striker. As with most glass match striker this darling has the ridge trail glass – perfect for striking matches before the advent of the safety match – but this is not a bulb as most are; this takes the form of a three handled drinking cup AKA tyg. A very popular design in pottery, but not so common in match strikers. Three perfect little handles, applied and spaced evenly around the outside – great for passing round the matches (if that’s something you’d do?) for one’s after dinner cigar.

The piece is rimmed with a simple silver band hallmarked for Birmingham 1893 and with the maker’s mark for the superb Levi and Salaman – always a great source for novelties, or “toys” as they were known, and always a mark of quality. This is a really charming little piece of late Victoriana and a wonderful, rare enough piece of collectable bijouterie.


Considering the age of this piece, it remains in fine condition. The glass is absolutely perfect – including the handles – with no loss or damage to the ridge trail (the photos may make the glass look a tad grey but this is just reflection). The silver, as is common with small pieces like this, has one or two “age-related” marks but is in good, clean condition with easy to read hallmarks.


  • 1.75 inches (4.7 cm) tall
  • 1.3 inches (3 cm) diameter
  • each handle 0.25 x 1 inch (0.4 x 2.5 cm)

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