Victorian Cameo Brooch


Victorian Angel Skin Cameo Brooch in Silver

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A real antique jewellery classic cameo brooch.

There are some real stalwarts of the jewellery world and this cameo brooch is one such piece. It is a pale, creamy pink colour which comes from its material; where usually shell was used to crave cameos, this brooch is known as “angel skin” due to its pastel hues and that it was carved from coral (please don’t worry as this is an old piece and was not made using any endangered species).

A classic portrait orientation oval brooch depicting, as was common, classical scenes – in this case possibly Aphrodite or Hera. The brooch is mounted in silver, though not marked. This is probably due to Victorian standards which meant silver did not have to be marked when under a certain weight. In this case the silver has been tested and confirmed as sterling silver. The mount has a rope edge finish. The casual observer may notice that the silver is uneven in places: this is because it was cut to hug the coral exactly. The pin and C-clasp are not silver but maybe silver plated.


Lovely condition when age is taken into consideration. What appear to be unevenness and denting to the silver are where the silver is fitted to the coral. The clasp and pin are in good working order and the shell is undamaged. The carving is perhaps not as sharp as it once was but this could be put down to general wear and the erosion of over a century of fingers!


  • 4.5 H x 4 cm W (1.75 x 1.6 inches) in an oval
  • 4 cm (1.6 inch) pin

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