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Art Deco cocktail stick and stand

 C’est magnifique non? Going with our decorative AND practical theme, here we show a gorgeous art deco period set of cocktail sticks in a stylish stand. There are twelve chrome sticks with forked ends perfect for swooshing your glace cherry through your pink gin (its all very roaring 20s). Each topped with a red “cherry amber” catalin (bakelite) ball. I’ll come back to those in a moment.

The stand is stunning. A catalin central post with doughnut carrying handle, a chrome disc to support the sticks all set on a wooden base. This base is proving somewhat controversial between us. At first we thought it may be coromandel, but the date would indicate that unless it was re-appropriated, it is more likely to be rosewood. Then again, it could be macassar wood. The grains and colouration of both rose and macassar are very similar but either way, it is a stunning contrast with the brightness of the catlin and chrome.

What we do know is that the set is French and dates to the late 1920s or early 1930s. This is where those sticks come in again. The top of each stick has a slightly angled extra chrome top. This was typical of the period but was not used in later reproductions. The set is in fabulous condition with very little pitting to the chrome and no damage that we can see to the structure. 


  • A little under 18 cm tall
  • A little under 9 cm base diameter
  • 12 forked sticks of about 14 cm

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