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Moser Harrach wine and hock set

 This stunning foursome is definitely worthy of a collector’s dining table. Featuring two wine glasses and two hock glasses (though either goblets or chalices would be a more apt description) made in the late 19th century by Bohemian designer Moser. 

Gilding and enameling

Moser stands easily head-high with his French contemporaries, though his style is perhaps more definitive. Instantly recognisable for fine gilding and enamel painting, the “Moser” identity is one much copied – especially by those pesky Venetians; it can however, be easily told apart by the sheer quality of both design and execution. It should be remembered that in the early days, Moser used blanks made by Harrach so attribution is sometimes difficult. As with many glass-makers, customers could choose “Blanks”  and “patterns” to create a bespoke collection – this makes individual pieces of early Moser glassware almost unique.

Worth a prunt

Though these glasses are two pairs, they were obviously chosen to go together.  These glasses have a green flash to the top, gold and platinum enameling in a classic stylised leaf form and are set with “jewels” (glass beads to represent rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls.) The wine glasses have a stubby stem but generous bowl (and gilt edged foot) while the goblets stand taller, with a hollow ridged stem and prominent “prunt”. They were probably made and sold on the Persian market, though their original provenance is anyone’s guess. 



  • Goblets stand a little over 18 cm tall with base diameter of 7.5 cm and aperture of 7 cm
  • Wine goblets stand a little under 14 cm, base diameter 6.75 and aperture of 7 cm
  • Green flashed Harrach blank with gilded edging
  • Gold and platinum enameling set with “jewels”
  • Immaculate condition
  • C1885 – 1900

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