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Gold and Diamond ring

Happy in its box

Here we present an absolutely fabulous vintage (yes OK so not quite antique but still with some age) dress or cocktail ring. It is snazzy and sparkly and totally top class jewellery. Stylistically this is a mid 20th century ring but lets say 60s for safety.

The base of the ring is 18 carat yellow gold. Marked 18k AND 750 (18 ct weight standard) meaning it was not originally from the UK. It is most likely American, but could equally be from some parts of Europe. There is another mark of CO6 or C06 but can find no reference to what this means. It could relate to the stones. 

A stone on fire

And on the subject of the stones, and this is what we think makes this ring a little bit special – the design. The ring features a single centrally placed diamond weighing in at a fabulous 1/2 carat in a round brilliant cut – and oh boy does it capture the fire of this stone, however for added brilliance, the central stone is flanked by chevrons and under those twin vertical bars laid with horizontally set baguette cut stones. 

No cheese with these baguettes

It is impossible to guarantee the carat weight of all those baguettes but there is a substantial amount of ice in this ring. Overall, this is a simple ring with echos of Deco styling but not overblown and not heavy on ostentation. The gold (though usually white gold will highlight diamonds better) allows the stones to speak for themselves. 

We really think this ring has something a little bit special. Its a goodly size at UK “O” (US 7.25), plenty of gold and good solid construction. A real treat.


  • 18 carat yellow gold, marked 18k + 750
  • 1/2 carat central diamond, brilliant cut
  • baguette set chevrons and panels
  • UK size O, US size 7.25
  • 50s/60s in date

If you are interested in this item, please fill out a contact form quoting stock number AP1804

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Weekends shouldn’t be that tough

Sometimes, just sometimes, things don’t go the way they were planned. The weekend just gone being no exception. We’re not sure what it was – maybe the last day of our Indian summer, maybe just a quiet time of year, who knows but one of the toughest antique fairs for a long time. It’s a long day, with plenty of heavy lifting and not much of a chance to sit down and seemingly, despite A LOT of talking, few customers with a full wallet.

Oh well, we did sell some beautiful things so it was worth it but boy did we appreciate a glass of wine and an episode of Poirot last night (thoroughly recommended if you love Art Deco and superb characterisations). The day was topped off when I very bravely (not) faced down the biggest and shiniest, most evil looking 8-legged monstrosity I have ever seen. Perched on the gap between the wall and my wardrobe (slash stock cupboard) bold as brass and with 8 beady eyes fixed on me, waiting for me to drop off so it could sink its ten foot fangs into my neck and drag me back to its lair!!!

OK, so maybe I’m exaggerating but it was not a pleasant end to an exhausting weekend and rather than evict the blighter I only chased it further into the cupboard; made putting the stock away this morning a little terrifying to say the least (and before you say anything, ANYONE would have raised a shiver at the sheer Mephistophelean glint from this thing)

Still we soldier on and despite swearing to have a day of R&R, a few things needed to be relisted in store so that’s what I did. No links here but they are all available to peruse from our home page, or you can view them on our Google+ business page. Just for you though – yes you – a few piccies. It’s mostly top end stuff so maybe on the pricey side but we do offer payment plans – all it takes is a little helloooo

Join us elsewhere online for more as it happens (no more spiders though)