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Gold Topped Scent Bottle

Here we present a gorgeous little scent bottle in its original shaped, folding case. The bottle itself is of cut glass (probably crystal) but is simple and elegant. Inside, the bottle has the world’s smallest stopper but the piece-de-resistance of this lovely bottle is its cap. Made in 14 carat gold and etched with a Greek key border and similar ring on the top. It is further imprinted with little four point designs in rows. The work is very fine and beautifully executed.

There are a few marks, quite hard to make out but showing an oak leaf in oval cartouche. Though we thought the bottle may have been 18th century, this oak leaf mark was used in the Netherlands from about 1850 onward. Although stylistically, the Greek Key was more common in the late 18th century; information on the oak-leaf mark prior to 1850 is scant so the bottle may still be earlier but hedging our bets here on mid-to-late 19th century.

The case is leather and is shaped to fit the bottle exactly – even down to having notches for the hinge on the lid. The case is further lined with blue silk and velvet (though the velvet has lost some of its colour. There has been a small amount of damage which means the top section of the case doesn’t meet fully but given its age, this is forgivable.


A little over 10 cm x 4 cm,
Leather with swing hook clasp
Top lined in blue silk, base in blue velvet
9 cm tall, 2.5 cm base diameter
14 carat gold top with Greek key design
Marked for Netherlands

If you are interested in this item, please fill in a contact form quoting the stock number AP2024