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Walker and Hall Giant Bottle

This giant bottle is a real talking point. Its size suggests a decanter, however the style suggests a scent bottle. I think we’ll leave it up to the buyer to decide. It is a large pear shaped blown glass bottle comprising four panels each with a floral star design cut into the glass. Between the panels rise four beveled columns giving form and texture to the design.

The silver top is a beautifully designed piece of silver-smithing. A standard collar and ball lid – one supposes, but there is a twist…literally. The lid is secured by turning the cap anti-clockwise. On the underside the cap twists in a second collar and has two prongs which slip into recesses on the main collar. By turning the cap, the prongs enable the cap to lock into place.

The cap is cork lined so no internal stopper here. The suggestion is that it is a travelling scent bottle – enabling the lady of leisure to take a huge quantity with her on the grand tour without fear of it escaping en route. Of course it could just as easily have carried brandy!

The silver is stamped with a well defined hallmark bearing the flag logo of Walker and Hall – perhaps one of the best known of the Sheffield silver companies. The date mark is a lower case “q” in a shield denoting 1933

A little under 21 cm tall
About 11 cm at its widest point
7.5 cm base diameter

If you are interested in this piece, please complete a contact form quoting stock number AP2023

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Port out, starboard home

Booking now
Booking now

It may, or may not depending on your point of view, be evident that after a week or so of daily posts, we have been a bit quiet of late. It’s all to do with timetables. We have so many regular (and irregular) engagements that there are obvious times when my laptop (I call it Saucy because its an HP) seems a million miles away and despite the obvious advantages of m-m-mobile technology the rigors of our schedule keep me at a fingertip distance from my beloved interwebs.

We have weathered some real peaks and troughs this week: after a VERY dry spell we have had some spectacular orders online, not least a bulk order of four items and yesterday (while shopping POSH, and more on that in a minute), both mine and business partners phones were cha-chinging like crazy – we are very pleased to have sold some pearls to the costume department at Warner Bros. studios in Hertfordshire so fingers crossed you’ll be seeing our necklaces in the movies very soon.

Sadly, and thanks to a contretemps between business partner, a vacuum cleaner and my camera (a Nikon D60 for anyone interested) we have given the last rights to my macro lens, but every cloud and all that and a new one is winging its way towards me as we speak. But the main excitement has been our extensive buying for our posh fair (see Antiques Takeaway) We have really stepped up the quality of goods thanks to the Wimborne antiques centre and some very generous traders. However in the pursuit of poshiness, our home – a shoe-box of  Borrower’s proportions – has the look and feel of the basement at the British Museum (or Steptoe’s yard for British sit-com fans)

It has also involved us wading through our online stock to find the creme-de-la-creme ready for the fair; this has been catalogued and will be soon relieved of duty on Etsy so there is plenty of “last chance to buy” going on.  We’re telling Twitter all about it but there are a few choice pieces shown in photographic form below as a sort of tribute to the macro lens. We just hope that aiming posh, with a yen for a 1st class berth with port out, starboard home lands us on the QE2 and not the Titanic.

We’d love to see you on Google+ page, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest where you can find out all the last minute bargains before a mass delisting occurs