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Walker and Hall Giant Bottle

This giant bottle is a real talking point. Its size suggests a decanter, however the style suggests a scent bottle. I think we’ll leave it up to the buyer to decide. It is a large pear shaped blown glass bottle comprising four panels each with a floral star design cut into the glass. Between the panels rise four beveled columns giving form and texture to the design.

The silver top is a beautifully designed piece of silver-smithing. A standard collar and ball lid – one supposes, but there is a twist…literally. The lid is secured by turning the cap anti-clockwise. On the underside the cap twists in a second collar and has two prongs which slip into recesses on the main collar. By turning the cap, the prongs enable the cap to lock into place.

The cap is cork lined so no internal stopper here. The suggestion is that it is a travelling scent bottle – enabling the lady of leisure to take a huge quantity with her on the grand tour without fear of it escaping en route. Of course it could just as easily have carried brandy!

The silver is stamped with a well defined hallmark bearing the flag logo of Walker and Hall – perhaps one of the best known of the Sheffield silver companies. The date mark is a lower case “q” in a shield denoting 1933

A little under 21 cm tall
About 11 cm at its widest point
7.5 cm base diameter

If you are interested in this piece, please complete a contact form quoting stock number AP2023